La plataforma que agiliza sus compras




1. Requisition

  • Automated flow to create products or services requisitions, with a customizable authorization process, which can be defined on our customer’s categories and / or value.

  • The flow can be flexible to optimize the authorization processes

  • Both buyers and users can track all requests and status, giving all parties full visibility

2. Quotation (comparative)

  • Suppliers may quote products requested and add any detail to their proposal

  • Once approved, a requisition can be sent simultaneously to the selected pre-qualified supplier database.

3. Purchase Order

  • The purchase order is generated based on the analysis and negotiation from the procurement department, in order to acquire the best purchase options (best total cost).

  • The purchase order can go through a final approval process determined by category and / or value.


4. Information

  • All users have real-time information. The web-based service is always online and available

  • The system is able to create any type of report based on customer needs

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