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Aklara agile is a Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) web-based software. It automates procurement processes to make them agile, safe and efficient.

Aklara agile is web-based tool designed for procurement departments, allowing your company to take centralized control and increase visibility over the supply chain, providing a complete picture of the authorization and quote cycle, contributing to profitability and accountability.

Aklara agile lets you generate and access real-time information, generated from communication activity with suppliers. You can make online requests for products and / or services with multiple providers simultaneously.


  • Efficiency in time reduction and total costs, as being a paperless solution.

  • Immediate return on investment, with our pay-per-use scheme and its immediate implementation. There is no software installation or hardware management.

  • Real-time information to make timely decisions and identify opportunities.

  • Full visibility con every stage of the purchase process.

  • System flexibility to suit your specific needs, standardizing and optimizing your own processes.

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